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Authority structure



In some organisations, there is a clear structure of “command and control”, with managers in charge of the people working for them. Other organisations are more “horizontal”, with no formal managers, and individuals taking responsibility for their own work.



We have a clear management structure in this organisation. Everyone has a manager who they are answerable to (apart from the CEO who answers to the board). Managers may consult on decisions, as they see appropriate, but final decisions are just their responsibility. This clear chain of responsibility makes it easier to know where and when change is needed if anything goes wrong.

fairly hierarchical

Our organisation is mostly hierarchical, but occasionally some talented individuals are allowed more freedom to follow their own path.

mixed hierarchy

Our organisation has some features of hierarchy and some of being horizontal, depending on the individuals and the teams involved.

flattish hierarchy

We are mainly working towards being horizontal, but retain some aspects of hierarchical decision-making where we thing it is necessary, and where the overall future of the organisation is involved.


We respect everyone's skill and experience, and encourage each person to take responsibility for their own actions. When needed, this may involve asking for help from colleagues, but there is no explicit management structure.


I'm not sure if following Sociocracy counts as fully horizontal or not.

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