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(My non-wiki index page is here; links page here)

… here is Simon's wiki home page …

See the structure of this wiki for more detail than below. The sitemap (top right) may also help.

Dated entries, like a blog

Much of my writing is dated by month. Look there to keep up to date. Most recent piece in June — 2024-06.

If you are at all interested, I would welcome you to subscribe to updates. To do this you need first to have an account here — so ask me to do that. When you log in with your account, an icon appears on the right to “Manage Subscriptions” and you can subscribe to any part of the site.


My list of terms, tags, themes or topics represents the things I have written about. I add to it as significant new things emerge. Just to mention a few key things…

These function like a simple version of Wikipedia:Categorization, and are simpler than categories in MediaWiki.

The important bits

Just a few topics are central to my work, and they are not only topics, but have their own whole sections, as namespaces.

  • Wikis are the key aspect of technology that I concern myself with
  • CHOICE (including ReGenMatch) is my unique contribution to the world
  • An index to longer writings will be to pieces that I try to keep updated, so without definitive dates.
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