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Requirements for a wiki

if we want to support a living knowledge commons. This relates to my theme on connecting useful knowledge.

(Material first written by Simon Grant, December 2020. If you want to help develop this, please e-mail me.)

(transcribed and adapted for DokuWiki, April 2022)

Start with the an introduction — my list of requirements follows below, each elaborated on a separate page.

The ones I see as essential

Important but less essential

Some nice-to-have features

Existing wiki systems I've referred to

Here's a list of links to the wikis I've looked at. They may of course have developed further since I looked.

Here is a template for adding other requirements.

How to contribute to these pages

If you are interested in collaborating on this, please let me know and I will give you access to this whole wiki-related part of my wiki.

Please add right here any links to articles that cover the same or very similar ground to here.

Possible APIs / protocols

  • Straightforward https for latest version of page content along with last revision date
  • More detailed history etc. given in response to a request for overall metadata about page.
  • “give me that page as it was at this date-time”
  • preserved in  (but how demarcated? just characters?); also with date-time of last change within that portion

Miscellaneous notes

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