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theme: Relating in Collectivity

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In January and February 2022 I wrote a series of dated writings on relating in collectivity. This turns around the central sense that finding right relationship with people we are close to is a complex matter; that we cannot expect to do that by ourselves; and that we can do it best in a close-knit, trusting collective. Beyond the numbered series, what I write afterwards may also relate to this. See the backlinks, below!

  1. 2022-01-29 – First-person failures
  2. 2022-01-31 – Why is right relationship so hard?
  3. 2022-02-02 – What about existing practice?
  4. 2022-02-03 – Where is love's agency?
  5. 2022-02-08 – Objections and answers
  6. 2022-02-18 – Collectivity and relating in general
  7. 2022-02-28 – Collectivity and relating personally
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