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topic: ReGenMatch

One of the terms on this wiki, as a major topic.

ReGenMatch is a name of our project for

  • people finding regenerative (etc.) projects, communities, ecovillages, etc.
  • ecovillages, projects, communities, finding new people, co-workers, members
  • people finding each other to talk about or start ecovillages, communities, projects, or relationships.

This will be based on both the concept and business model of CHOICE — drawing people from online dating, and channelling money from online recruitment.

There are three main ReGenMatch USPs:

  • the two-way matching; that ensures fair play and enables the other side to choose
  • it breaks the deadlock between few and many questions: feedback guides to the questions asked by the relevant others
  • it has inherent privacy, allowing the more personal questions that really matter.

Robert Schram came up with the name when we were talking in March and April 2023. The way I see it, it's a way towards applying my CHOICE ideas, combined with Robert's equally old ideas, to the issues of finding well-matched people; people who fit.

Robert also helped by using ChatGPT to summarise the USPs, which you'll find on my day entry for 2024-01-16.

Don't put too much on the word “regenerative”. It's indicative, but just the flavour of the month, and there are many other good words for related values.

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