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term: ontology

One of the terms used on this wiki.

When I use the term “ontology” I generally mean it in both of these senses:

  1. as a philosophical/psychological term, meaning (roughly) the way that a person, or a group of people, conceive of the world in terms of what exists and the relationships between those things; this is partly addressed in Wikipedia as simply Ontology
  2. as a term in computer science, meaning (roughly) a model of the entities, attributes and relationships that are or are intended to be represented and dealt with, using a particular piece of information technology; in Wikipedia this is called Ontology (computer science).

My term “ontological commoning” is intended to bridge the two senses.

I have been writing about ontology since around or before 2009. I maintain a rather rambling page called Types of thing in the world which gives a lot about my own perspective on an upper, or top ontology.

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