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term: Ontological Commoning

One of the terms used on this wiki.

Now, December 2023, I must highlight the excellent podcast created by Anna-Marie Swan in dialogue with me around ontological commoning. Please listen to it to get a very rich sense of many connected issues.

I chose this term because it had not been used as that precise phrase before I did in early 2023. The initial expression of this idea was at the entry: 2023-02-22. Later in 2023 I found it becoming increasingly relevant and vital.

It's just my own name, not a completely new or original idea. I see many similarities in other approaches. I choose to use the name to point out that disagreement and conflict are often at the ontological level, and can be addressed there, too.

see also

I also have documented the single term ontology, where I briefly explain the two sides to ontology and how I relate them together.

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