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A hymn to Blissness


I've just returned from what was called a Blissness Regen Retreat, in Wallonia. It is difficult to describe how amazingly good it was. If nothing else, the linking together of heart, soul, spirit together with excellent prompts, exercises and coaching for the minds of us, the participants, to move forward with our “blissness” – Hanna's term for a business that sits in the beautiful space which I think of as the fruition of collective ikigai.

But what I want to share now is what came to me in the early hours of yesterday morning, the hours leading up to the new moon, while I was still at the retreat. It's a poetic rendering of where I feel my heart to be these days.

I am here to serve love in the world
How can I best serve the love in you?
How can I love the love that lives in you?

If you too want to serve love in the world
– do you love the love in me, too?
The love in me moves me to create the tools
– to help people find the other ones
– when both ones love the love in the other;
Or where some one loves playing a role
– and playing that role releases more love
– and the others love the one for playing that role;
Or where they work together in the love of creating
– a place where young and old are supported by love
– to love themselves, others, that place, and the world.

So: the love that I would most willingly receive
– is love that holds enough love for that vision
– to love that vision into life alongside me
So we can co-create more means of co-creation
– and allow the love in us to find its goal
– in the end of liberating more love in the world.

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