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CHOICE processing explained

The question level

Every requirement, and every answer, relates to a specific question that is held across the CHOICE / ReGenMatch service. For more background and explanation, see the nature of the information page. In time, there will be a very large number of questions, and relatively few will have been answered at any one time by a person using the service.

Someone's answer to a given question is most often represented by the selection of just one from a number of options given in the question form. These answers are intended to be stable, and all changes are noted and able to be seen by others before contact is made.

In contrast, the requirements of someone searching can change at any time. A question requirement is represented by one or more options (but not all), from the question form, any of which satisfies the enquirer's requirement.


(To be filled in, complete with diagrams or drawings.)


When an enquiry is tried, any one question requirement on one party has three possibilities depending on the the other's answer to that one question:

  1. one party's answer can meet the requirement of the other — we can call this a fit;
  2. the answer can not meet the requirement (this includes the case where one party has withheld their answer to the question required by the other party) — we can call this a misfit;
  3. the party that is actively enquiring may not have answered this question, and it is required by the passive party — we can call these potentially answerable questions “gaps”.

The first option means that, from the point of view of this question only, this is a possible fit. The second option means that for the question, the requirement and the answer don't fit, thus there is no match between these two enquiries. The third option points to the fact that it may be useful for one party to answer that question, but not necessarily, as we will see at the enquiry level.


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