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CHOICE: the index

Where I am with this

The idea started in 1993, but only now the time has come to develop this. I have recently been blessed by the collaboration of several others under the name of ReGenMatch, so look there as well. Now, I'm looking for:

  • tech-focused person or people to help validate/critique the technical aspects of the conception
  • people to help research criteria
  • people to help build initially a prototype
  • organisations who would like to use this technology to help their members and others, and who would like to play one of the key roles in defining and maintaining questions in their area of expertise.

Introductory/explanatory pages

Deeper sections

Previous material, including technical details not copied here, starts at

Key terms

  • A party is either an individual person, or in some enquiry types (such as employment) it is someone acting on behalf of a company, a business, or a group. There are two parties to each correspondence.
  • A party's enquiry is a specification of what characteristics they would like in the other party, expressed as a set of required answers to questions.
  • Correspondence is when two parties mutually satisfy each others enquiries.


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