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ReGenMatch and CHOICE to counter addiction of all kinds

This seems to me short and simple to describe, though of course it is not going to happen very quickly.

I've noticed several people writing or speaking about the fact that addiction is strongly correlated with a lack of personal connection; perhaps a lack of personal meaning in life. The addiction gives us the artificial kick that we would be so much better off getting from good family life, from the connections in co-living, or through good work. Three of these that I have come across recently:

So here is my answer, in a nutshell. Through ReGenMatch, enable people to find the other people, the situations, the opportunities, in which they can connect meaningfully, and thrive. Then they will simply not need their addictions any more.

I expect it will take some time to get there, but the way I see ReGenMatch (and the wider CHOICE) developing is through people discovering what makes a real difference in their lives, and providing a service through which those opportunities (and people) can find them and be found. This can be done through crafting the questions that allow those choices.


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