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Topic: choice
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Orientation for the system for CHOICE

To start: the system will not be called ‘Choice’! That word is too mixed up with societal polarization around abortion.

Before that was the case, near the start, around 1992 or 1993, it didn't have those connotations. It stood for “Common Human Online Information Correspondence Enquiry”.

  • It is about common humans, not any class of special ones.
  • It is done interactively online – that is a given now, but back in 1992 it seemed quite unusual.
  • The information managed by the system is, on the one hand, about the attributes of humans, and on the other hand, their desires, wants, needs.
  • The system looks for correspondence, both ways, between the information from each party
  • Enquiries are managed so that all parties are guided to find the closest that is available to what they want.
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